Fortune Tiger is a 3×3 game for real money, where players place bets on symbols and combinations, and the wheel of fortune determines the winnings. It combines luck and strategy, providing visual fun with tigers.

Fortune Tiger

How to Play Fortune Tiger

Fortune Tiger is a 3×3 slot developed by PG Soft, also known as the “Tiger Game”. It's a simple betting game in which players adjust the bet amount and spin the reels to form combinations of 3 symbols on the paylines. In the re-spin bonus round, it is possible to win a multiplier of up to 10x, activated randomly, and luck plays a crucial role in occupying the grid of symbols.

Tiger Fortune Game
Fortune Tiger Jogo

Fortune Tiger game symbols: Tiger Game

When you enter the intriguing universe of Fortune Tiger: Game of the Tiger, you find yourself immersed in an exciting betting challenge, where combining symbols is the key to success. In this electrifying game, you are faced with a total of 7 unique symbols, which are divided into 6 conventional paying symbols and 1 wild symbol, triggering an experience that is both fascinating and unpredictable.

  • High-paying symbols: Bag of coins, Lucky charm and Golden ingot – these are the highest-paying symbols.
Fortune Tiger Coin bag
Coin bag
Fortune Tiger Lucky charm
Lucky charm
Fortune Tiger Gold ingot
Gold ingot
  • Low paying symbols: Orange, Rockets and Envelopes – these are the lowest paying symbols.
    Orange Tiger Fortune
    Tiger Fortune Rockets
    Envelopes Tiger Fortune
  • Wilds: Lucky Tiger – this is the wild symbol, which substitutes for all regular paying symbols.
Lucky tiger
Lucky tiger

How does Fortune Tiger work?

GameFortune Tiger
ProviderPG Soft
Reels and Threads3×3
Minimum Bet0.25$
Maximum Victoryx2.500
DevicesIOS, Android

Fortune Tiger is an exciting casino game option that involves betting real money, giving players the thrilling chance to multiply their bet by up to 2,500 times. This opportunity to win substantial winnings adds an extra dose of adrenaline to the gaming experience, making it even more attractive to those looking for big rewards while having fun on the reels. With its exciting mechanics and the promise of generous prizes, Fortune Tiger stands out as a popular choice among casino enthusiasts looking for real thrills and profits.

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